Rolex Yacht-Master - 16623


Two-tone Rolex sports watches, such as the reference 16623 that is offered here today, are excellent investments. Timeless and crafted from valuable 18 karat yellow gold, each two-tone Yacht-Master will continue to appreciate in value long after your purchase it. The Yacht-Master boasts origins as a sailing watch. Equipped with a rotatable timing bezel and a highly visible silver maxi dial, the Yacht-Master allows the wearer to keep perfect time as well as calculate distances while sailing. The case is also waterproof up to 330 feet, allowing it to get wet without damaging the perpetual movement within. A stylish statement piece for men or women, the Yacht-Master is paired with a supple Oyster bracelet with flat stainless steel and yellow gold links and a folding Oysterlock clasp.