Fast and Easy Ordering Process

  • Place an order for your custom Grillz 
  • We’ll priority ship your dental impression mold kit with easy instructions
  • Return your teeth impression mold using shipping label and the ready-to-ship box we provide
  • We’ll create your custom piece and ship it right back to you priority

* There will be no additional charges for the molding kit, instructions, shipping label or box.

* Total turnaround time from placing an order to receiving the final custom Grillz is 7-12 days.

* If you are looking for faster rush ordering, please leave us a note when placing an order and we will add the additional charge, based on your location, after the transaction is completed. You'll be able to get your final custom Grillz within 4-6 days. 

Custom Grillz

Following features can be added to any custom Grillz order for additional price per tooth:

  • Front Bars: 10k - $27, 14k - $32, 18k - $55, 22k - $88
  • Back Bridge: 10k - $27, 14k - $32, 18k - $55, 22k - $88
  • Small Fangs - $25
  • Medium Fangs - $30
  • Long Fangs - $35
  • Curved Fangs $45
  • Deep Engraving $15
  • Diamond Cut Design (no additional charge)
  • Open Face Design (no additional charge)
  • Nugget Design (no additional charge)
  • Diamond Dust Design (no additional charge)
  • Diamond Baguette Bar
  • Diamond Chanel Bar
  • Princess Cut Diamonds 
  • Round Cut Diamonds
  • Invisible Bar Hand Set