Rolex Vintage "Steve McQueen"Explorer II


The reference 1655 was engineered for a narrow market: extreme explorers. The 24-hour hand could not be confused for a GMT hand since the bezel does not rotate; therefore its sole purpose is to differentiate the difference between day and night in places where there is a lack of natural day and night lighting. It was introduced in 1971 to slow sales but it eventually gained a cult following among Rolex collectors and is now highly sought after. This watch is often nicknamed the “Steve McQueen," but, oddly enough, there is no proof that he ever wore or owned this model. Its Italian nickname of “Freccione,” for the big, orange arrow hand, seems to describe this rare Rolex in the most accurate way possible, highlighting its most striking feature.This impressive timepiece, the model 1655, is a 5.6 million serial dating it to 1979. It has a strong, stainless steel case that has been previously polished yet still retains signs of age giving it a wonderful sense of live and vitality. The bezel also is in good condition showing matching signs of age. The clean Mark II dial is in wonderful shape and the arrow hand is slightly faded complimenting the overall vintage appeal of this piece. The 78360 oyster bracelet has 12 links and has no stretch to it. Whether traversing dark, dank caves or hiking to the office in the urban jungle, this watch holds its own with great style and durability!