Our Process

*Our designers express their creativity on a piece of paper, turning it into a work of art. 
*Our professional jewelry designers will work with your ideas, jewelry sketches, drafts or photos and will provide you with unique jewelry designs to make a custom piece just for you. 
*We can 3D print anything you can imagine after drawing it up virtually. In a relatively short time, an idea, concept, dream or invention can go from a simple thought to a produced part that you can hold. 
*Custom design process is the real benefit for the costumers who can’t find the jewelry model of their ideas in jewelry stores and catalogs. You will be able to see the final 3D models before starting the creation of jewelry including the symmetry, proportions and gemstones to be used. you'll see your piece in 360 before we make it 
*Our team will provide top custom jewelry designs with detailed precision and professionalism.
*fast productions. any custom design will be shipped out within 5 business days
*Not only do you get the most awesome jewelry you could ever imagine, but you also get a great story to tell of how you designed your very own piece. 3d printing jewelry is something that you have a deeper connection to than a mass produced item. It also makes for the perfect gift. Imagine giving a friend or family member a ring that you have designed especially for them.
*our 4 steps of creating custom design perfection:


Every piece of jewelry starts out as a simple idea. Once we get an idea our jewelry designers will begin with creating initial jewelry sketches. Sketching process is an important part of jewelry modeling and is an effective way for visual and verbal communication. The drawings will be presented to you for review and approval. Our jewelry designers will use all the techniques of drawing jewelry sketches and combine with jewelry modeling requirements. We will finalize and refine the design by adjusting proportions, stones, color, etc. Mounting of the stone, the heft, textures, dimensions and other important details to get the ideal jewelry sketch for further 3D modeling process.

3D modeling

After approving the draft concept, we will start the modeling process by turning jewelry sketches or your photos into a 3D model. The most powerful 3D softwares are enabling our jewelry designers to create different types of 3D models. The 3D softwares are giving possibility to show jewelry models in different surfaces and in an incredible amount of details. Our jewelry designers will complete the modeling process in short amount of time keeping the top quality of jewelry pieces. The concept of the model can be produced as a result of discussions between our designers and costumers. We will make changes and improvements until we get your complete satisfaction. Once the model is done we will send you the file in 3dm format, which will allow you to view your 3D jewelry model from different angles. 


Once the 3D file is generated, we will use it to print a real physical object using our 3d printing technologies. 3D printing allows us to produce extremely smooth jewelry wax patterns that accurately reproduce the most intricate of geometries, without the need for manual refining. It creates pieces of any kind with extreme accuracy in a matter of minutes.
Using our 3d printed wax model, we will cast it into a precious metal such as Gold (10k, 14k, 18k) or Platinum. All castings go through a strict ISO 9001 quality control procedure and are tested with an Olympus X ray machine for carat accuracy.


The final step of creating an incredible piece is polishing, adding stones and engraving if needed. 
In order to start a custom jewelry design, feel free to write us or give us a call and our specialists will give you a full assistance.